Contract management for chemical industry
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Contract management for Chemical Industry

Simplessus Contracts is an uncomplicated tool that helps in managing the complexities of contracts. Manually managing contracts can prove to be fatal in the chemical industry more so in today’s technologically driven world; you can’t rely on the age-old manual management of contracts.

Simplessus Contracts is software that enhances the contracts management system in a company with an easy-to-use interface. The user management is optimized to provide security features that place the software in the highly secure category in its class. With this option you can decide who can have access to your contracts. You can add the number of users depending on the need of your firm hence securing the important details of your firm.

Contracts with various parties such as laboratories, research centers, employees etc. can be segregated accordingly without any hassle. The software helps in reducing the enormous amount of time & man-power involved in maintaining the humongous contracts entered into by a firm on a regular basis.

Simplessus Contracts accumulates all the contracts in one place thus making it easy to refer to all/any of the contracts when ever required. The automated reminders help in meeting the deadlines without any delays and risk of breaching the contract’s terms & conditions. Searching contracts is laborious but with the optimized search option, one can go through any contract without wasting time.

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Hassles in Manual Management of Contracts:

  • Security threat due to loss/misplacement of a contract.
  • Searching for a contract involves a lot of time and effort.
  • Keeping track of various deadlines is an arduous job.
  • Difficulty in updating minute details every now and then

Benefits of using Simplessus Contracts:

  • A firm cannot afford to lose/misplace a contract as it can result in loss of business and thereby profits.
  • Quick & easy search with the optimized search option.
  • Complying with deadlines with the help of automated reminders.
  • Highly secure option as it lets you select the users who can access the contracts.
  • Easy to update and maintain.