Contract controlling for doctors
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Contract Management for doctors

A Contract Management System helps in streamlining numerous contracts that a company/individual enters into as a part of its business/profession. Managing such a huge number of contracts isn’t child’s play. It requires investing in appropriate man power & time, if done manually, but it becomes much easier with contract management software.

Simplessus Contracts makes it simple & easy to manage contracts without investing much in man power/time. It helps in standardizing the process by streamlining all the contracts in one place. With its user-friendly interface, it is very simple-to-use software along with a wide range of options by Simplessus, depending on the suitability for the industry/profession.

Simplessus Contracts is available in three different price tiers catering to the usage of the software. A client can select from the three price tiers, as per his need & requirement.

Doctors, big hospitals/healthcare centers/clinics are in as much need of Simplessus Contracts as any other industry. Managing the innumerable contracts with the dispensaries, suppliers of armamentarium, endless patients, doctors etc. is crucial. Simplessus Contracts is an uncomplicated tool to manage all these without high costs.

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Problems due to Manual Management of Contracts:

  • Loose papers are difficult to manage and store.
  • Waste of time & man power in maintaining the records.
  • Inadequacy of finding a contract at the required time.
  • Delay/missing out on a renewal deadline.

Benefits of using Simplessus Contracts:

  • Standardizing the process & procedure of maintaining contracts.
  • Contracts are stored in a structured way.
  • Easier to refer to any contract at any point in time with the optimized search options.
  • With its user-friendly interface it requires no hardcore training to use it.
  • Automated reminders ensure the meeting of deadlines without any delays.