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Contract Management for Lawyers

A contract is a legal document for an individual/firm/government. Every day new contracts are drawn/renewed/terminated/extended etc. With such high levels of contract dealings every day, imagine the plight of a practicing lawyer/law firm who has to manage a plethora of such contracts. Simplessus’ Contract Management Software provides a systematic frame for the bothersome contract management work.

The software is equipped to organize all of the contracts in one place, for quick & easy referral at any point in time. The optimized search option helps in searching a contract within the blink of an eye unlike searching manually stored contracts, which requires a lot of time. The software has a provision for automated reminders in the form of pop-ups, e-mails, text messages etc which proves to be useful in remembering important dates.

Simplessus Contracts is designed uniquely to suit the specific needs & requirements of a practicing lawyer/law firm with a customized user-interface. It helps in curtailing access to the contract only to the parties concerned, ensuring confidentiality of the contract.

Simplessus offers the software in three different packs with different price tiers & usage utility. This gives the customer a cost-effective choice to select a pack depending on his/her requirements.

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Problems with manual contract management:

  • Loss/misplacement of contracts.
  • Heaps of paper to search through.
  • Loss of time.
  • Improper management of contracts.
  • Less competent due to lack of proper follow-up.
  • Loss of clients & opportunity.

Benefits of using Simplessus Contracts:

  • Contracts are compiled in a well-organized way.
  • No loss/misplacement of contracts.
  • Quick & easy search with the help of optimized search option.
  • Low cost & requires much less time.
  • Increases competency with automated reminders & updates.
  • Client retention and pathway to new opportunities.