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Contract management for procurement departments

Procurement departments exist in any organisation or company. The number of contracts is directly proportional to the size of the industry & firm. Since these industries work on a large scale, the number of contracts written is also large.

Manual management of contracts is a herculean task which involves various difficulties at different stages in time. With a plethora of contracts, searching one particular contract at the required time becomes difficult, resulting in loss of time and effort. Contracts need to be tracked on a regular basis for updates on renewals, receipts, payments etc. which becomes difficult to do manually.

Simplessus Contracts is user-friendly, easy-to-use software that helps in maintaining contracts with far less effort. The software provides a technical edge to the firms placing them far ahead of the competition. SC standardizes the contract management system by providing a structured way of compiling contracts in one place.

The highly optimized search option in Simplessus Contracts is an aid through which firms can scan through a contract as and when required with no loss of time. With so many contracts, the number of deadlines also increases by leaps and bounds. The automated reminder option effortlessly helps in tracking these deadlines and ensuring efficient management.

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Drawbacks of manual management of contracts:

  • Maintaining heaps of paper is tiresome.
  • Manual maintenance requires man-power and time.
  • Searching a particular contract gives jitters.
  • Keeping a tab on the deadlines of so many contracts is way too difficult.
  • Manual management sometimes leads to loss/misplacement of contracts.
  • Using obsolete methods proves to be futile in keeping up with the competition.

Benefits of using Simplessus Contracts:

  • Provides an easy-to-maintain, structured way of managing contracts.
  • The automated reminder option ensures the meeting of deadlines and other necessary norms.
  • Optimized search option makes it easy to refer to a contract when ever required.
  • It promotes efficient utilization of man-power & time.
  • A proper contract management system results in higher productivity.
  • Gives a technical edge over the competitors.
  • Adherence to the terms & conditions of the contract.