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Contract Management for IT firms

Simplessus Contract Management Software ensures maximized profits and returns for a firm, through their contracts and agreements. The software provides a more streamlined, automated, paper-free process of managing contracts.

Contracts hold together, various complicated business relations of a firm like with the suppliers, manufacturers, customers, employees and various other stakeholders. Managing contracts is a herculean task considering the number of contracts written on a regular basis for a variety of functions in an organization. Simplessus’ Contract Management Software makes it a cake walk.

Tracking the updates for each & every contract is an arduous job which frequently causes a company to lose an opportunity resulting in loss of business and profits. Simplessus Contracts is a structured tool which streamlines all the contracts, in one place, making it easy to refer to at any point intime. The software provides a concise, hassle-free, easy way of managing contracts through automated reminders for renewal/expiry, compliance, termination etc.

This software comes in three different price packs to suit the different needs & requirements of small, large & medium sized companies across the industries. Every industry has its own unique needs & requirements that Simplessus Contracts caters to.

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Problems faced by IT firms due to Manual Management of Contracts:

  • Contracts in paper format are stored in files which are inaccessible at times.
  • Referring to the file every now & then for petty details.
  • Losing out on the contracts which are due for renewal because of the inadequacy of available information.
  • Manual management of contracts leads to loss of time.
  • Inability to track contracts results in extended financial terms & risks.
  • Companies often miss the deadlines for making/receiving payments which results in a longer business cycle.

Benefits of using an automated system:

  • All the contracts are streamlined in a structured way.
  • The renewal dates are prompted automatically, hence preventing the loss.
  • With easy access to all contracts in one place, the financial risk is reduced.
  • Automated reminders for receiving/making payments ensure a normal business cycle.
  • Automation reduces the time loss manifold.
  • Improves information management and thus helps in making quick & effective management decisions.