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Contract Management for Small Businesses

Simplessus Contract Management Software makes managing and compiling contracts child’s play for a firm. The software consolidates the contracts, providing effortless access to the contract information at any time. It is user-friendly, cost effective software.

The cost of hiring efficient man-power becomes too high for small firms. In the absence of well trained and efficient man-power, managing a business single-handedly becomes tough. Managing contracts manually is a tedious task and losing/misplacing a contract is the last thing a small firm can afford. Simplessus Contracts provides a perfect solution to this problem.

The software provides an easy-to-access platform for all of the firm’s contracts. It facilitates automated reminders about the payment/receipt of cash, renewal/expiry, code & conduct etc. of the contract. The automated search option helps in searching for a particular contract in much less time.

Small businesses can utilize Simplessus Contracts to increase their productivity and business radar. They often don’t pay heed to implementing technological innovations for improving their profits due to the misconception of high costs. Simplessus offers the software in three different price tiers which gives the firm the choice to choose a cost-effective option based on their firm’s need & requirement.

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Problems with a manual contract system:

  • Hiring man-power to maintain contract records results in high costs.
  • Manually handling contracts is a tedious task.
  • Misplacing/losing a contract can result in loss of business vis-à-vis the client too.
  • Losing business due to inefficient contract management will result in loss of revenue & profits.
  • Procuring new business opportunities/clients with an obsolete work culture is difficult.
  • Retaining customers/clients with outdated techniques is not possible in today’s fast paced technological world.

Benefits of using Simplessus Contracts:

  • Automated, efficient & easy way of maintaining contracts.
  • Cost effective way to keep pace with new technology.
  • Elimination of the high costs involved with hiring trained & efficient man-power.
  • Assured customer retention along with acquisition of new customers as a result of being a technology-driven firm.
  • Increased revenue & profits from the new & existing customers/clients.